Move @ Moncrieff

Moncrieff is a new suburb in the north.

Move at Moncrieff, Moncrieff Community Recreation Park Playground

The Taylor estate is opposite on the other side of Horse Park Drive. This area is quite flat and the bike infrastructure is good. The estate planning in Gungahlin has worked out well for cyclists. All the more puzzling why the estate planning in Molonglo Valley, which started later, has been so patchy. One of the successes of urban planning in Gungahlin is certainly the Moncrieff Community Recreation Park Playground. It is also known as “Move at Moncrief”.

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Active Streets: prioritising path maintenance

Active Streets is an ACT Government program that should not be confused with Active Travel Streets. Active Streets is a budget measure to improve the paths in older suburbs, particularly around shopping centres and schools. Path routine maintenance is relatively unlikely as it is expensive. The ACT Government deserves acknowledgement for the effort but the funds are still limited. 

For active travel, the infrastructure in older suburbs needs to be improved. This is discussed in the post: Active Travel Streets: making cycling safer

Active Travel Streets is the transformation of older suburbs with the replacement of the old with the new. It is the reconception of the space and rebalancing the priorities to make more space for people. Active Travel Streets is a renewal of an old space. 

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Whitlam – Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

How far can you ride from Whitlam from the time of the first land release in March 2020? Belconnen is a 20 minute ride. The city is about 30 minutes away, but Coombs is also 30 minutes distant. It is a hard place to get out of, with no off-road bike paths beyond the first 1km. Looking at map 1, it is clear that for active travel Whitlam is part of the Belconnen community.

So should we call it Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

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Schools in the ACT around Whitlam

I considered in another post the proximity of the new suburb of Whitlam to school and other infrastructure. Whitlam appear to be lost at the end of the Molonglo valley.

Schools are particularly important as the children living in Whitlam have to go to school somewhere. I have discovered a full list of schools in the ACT are shown on the ACT Government Open Data Portal.

Figure 1: ACT Schools as shown on the ACT Government Open Data Portal

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