E-scooters: falling between the cracks

E-scooters are very different from the toys that we had kids. Both powerful and fast, they fall a crack between vulnerable road user and motor vehicle. E-scooters are stumbling on a lack of a good, national legal framework and technical standard. It puts riders and businesses at risk.

Scooters versus bikes: just different

Scooters are gaining in popularity now that they have been legalised in the ACT. Scooters are mobility devices and a great way to cover that last mile to the bus stop. However, they are unlikely to ever replace or slow the growth of bike usage. The motivation for buying a scooter or a bike is quite different.

Scooters: reinvented for cities

Scooters have become the symbol of a modern metropolis. Scooters are not new, we all had one as children, just the way they are being used is. Without room in the city for cars, and reliance on public transport, a scooter provides an easy way to hop around the city and cover short distances. Canberra is a bit different, and scooters are welcoming people, who have never cycled before, to active travel .