Seasonal variations in cycling

Little information is available about ACT seasonal variations in cycling. It is not as simple as hot or cold, wet or dry. Many will cycle anyway. Most studies are only for a short period. Here is what we do know.

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Pedal Power’s ACT Election 2020 survey

Pedal Power ACT often do good things and here is one example. Before every election, they prompt the parties to take a stance on cycling. Something they could do better is put this sort of information up on their website. Here are the links from the email they sent out today.

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Denman Prospect and Stromlo West

A gravel ride from Denman Prospect shops, to Stromlo Forest and across its western slopes. The route winds its way over hills and across creeks, with uninterrupted views of the Murrumbidgee Valley and the Brindabella Range. The ride is 25.7km, a 500m rise, hilly, and with no locked gates. A mountain bike is recommended.

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Stromlo to Arbo: CyclingGravel

Update 1 April 2021. This ride is currently not possible due to the Butters Bridge closure. It gets worse. The detour suggested by CyclingGravel is blocked too.

Crossing the river on gravel is only possible at Coombs.

Namarag Molonglo Special Purpose Reserve construction works have closed the Butters Bridge at its north end. Bridge access is possible from the south end (Denman Prospect) just for the view. (Stand 6 February 2021)

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Much to like about Stromlo

Mount Stromlo and Stromlo Forest Park are favourites for many Canberrans. Here are a few reasons to head that way soon. Stromlo Forest Park is an easy ride if you live in the Woden Valley and Weston Creek. For those in the north, surprisingly even Civic and Belconnen are surprisingly distant.

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Denman Prospect Ridgeline Park, Molonglo

Denman Prospect is a new suburb of the Molonglo Valley. Last year the new park and playground was opened before a single house had been built. That has all changed. The playground has become very popular. The residents of Coombs, Wright and Denman Prospect could easily ride to this park – if the kids were up to it 😊

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