Molonglo Valley Community Forum highlights

Images from the slide pack that were not seen on the night of the Molonglo Valley Community Forum. Much of this is explained elsewhere on but the images remain informative.

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Notes from the Lost Valley

Molonglo Valley is not lost, but it is still trying to find its way. The next step seems to be the Molonglo Valley Community Council. It is nowhere close to finished and hopefully, the Molonglo Valley Community Council will make a difference.

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Create a place for people in Belconnen

Join the effort to make the heart of Belconnen Town Centre better for people with parks, facilities and pedestrian and cycle paths. The report’s name is misleading, but the idea is great, particularly for Belconnen cyclists. Read more here.

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Belconnen Town Centre upgrades: do comment

Changes to the Belconnen Town Centre are afoot. Belconnen Town Centre Place Planning is a community design process and provides another opportunity to request bike infrastructure along Benjamin Way.

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Molonglo Valley: getting it right first time round

The Molonglo Valley is currently under construction and the cycling infrastructure is poor. If we wait until a suburb is finished then the problem will be with us for decades. This is what is happening now in the Molonglo Valley estate development.

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Built to last a generation: rapid change, then stability

Everybody has seen it, everybody knows it but we forget it. We build our cities for the long term. The rapid construction of new suburbs is followed by long periods of stability and finally a wave of renewal. This cycle can take 40 to 50 years, or the period of many people’s working lifetime. For a city, a person’s life span is a blink of an eye.

It is all the more important that we get the new estates right as there will be little change in that suburb once the construction is finished. All the more important that we get the development of the Molonglo Valley right. There is little indication that the bike infrastructure in these new suburbs is consistent with the ACT Government policy or active travel planning guideline.

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Urban planning cycle: forty years is not unusual

“… can we have an article comparing the facilities in our older suburbs that are neglected and barely consist of more than a small metal swing set.”

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The reason: the grand play spaces in new estates are funded by the sale of blocks to those new residents moving into the suburb. For decades after that, the infrastructure will be maintained but not changed. If a play space is missing from this new estate design, then it will never be built later because there is no funding to do so.


If a new suburb does not get good cycling infrastructure from the start, then it will remain poor for decades. This is what is happening now in the Molonglo Valley estate development.

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Circumnavigating the Coombs Peninsula

There was much hype about the bike path around the edge of the suburb, along the Molonglo River. The good news is that Stage 1 is finished. The community path through the Stage 2 area is progressing but not yet completed.

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