City ranking for cycling: US style.

Bicycle Transport Analysis is a US organisation that has a basket model for scoring cities for the suitability of cycling. Canberra does very well in this ranking but the first impression is deceptive.

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New Belconnen Bikeway expected late 2020

There has been an update on the ACT Government website for the new Belconnen Bikeway, which is now expected to be completed in late 2020. This is good news as the ACT Government does not update its websites for active travel projects all that often. As part of the COVID-19 Fast-track program, the ACT Government is now providing more information about cycling infrastructure projects. Check out the website for more information or visit the original project page.

Update 6 February 2021 Belconnen Bikeway

The construction along Emu Bank is completed. However, the construction of the section promised at the 2016 ACT Election along Benjamin Way has not yet begun.

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