ACT Election: The Conservation Council

ACT Election Priorities 2020, The Conservation Council: the election policies in the lead-up to the 2020 ACT Election are on the website “ACT Election 2020 – Our Environment, Our Future”. They are less detailed than last time but follow the same line. Here is the cycling component. 

Community paths and the Conservation Council

For cycling and walking, little has changed since the 2016 election. What makes sense then still makes sense now. The slow rate of progress building community paths is a major issue. The ACT Government promises much but does little. Here is The Conservation Council report from 2016.

Strategic Fast Track: complete list

Fast Track includes several projects that are strategic bike infrastructure. Pedal Power ACT is still driving its priority list of missing links that have largely remained unchanged since the 2016 ACT Election. The Conservation Council ACT Region has campaigned just as long for active travel and hosted recently a webinar. These initiatives are all most welcome.

Moving Canberra and the Conservation Council has hardly mentioned ACT Government 2019 Moving Canberra strategy because it added little to the active travel debate. The ACT Conservation Council responded to it in a well-written submission. Between 2015 and 2020 the problems of cycle infrastructure investment remain largely the same in the ACT.