Pedestrians: not even an afterthought

In a society that gives priority to keeping the traffic moving at speed (time is money), little consideration is often given to the vulnerability of pedestrians and cyclists. Road safety is still mostly about the safety of vehicle occupants. Yet it is the vulnerable road users and not the vehicle occupants that mostly get hurt in a collision.

Safe roads for kids

Navigating roads is a challenge for cyclists and pedestrians – both the very old and young are particularly vulnerable. The ways to make roads safer for children is the topic of the article There are ways to reduce injuries in kids that don’t involve wrapping them in cotton wool.

Cycling and walking infrastructure is a better investment for recovery

Cycling infrastructure is underfunded. No surprise there. The article “Cycling and walking can help drive Australia’s recovery – but not with less than 2% of transport budgets” discusses the problem. Cycling infrastructure is a good investment at any time.