The Spine, Isaacs Ridge

In 2015 a study was carried out for the ACT Government reviewing mountain biking in Long Gully Pine Plantation. The report is attached and holds many interesting details. The Spine has been mentioned previously as it is accessible to everybody. It is certainly worth a look. The route “Isaacs Ridge peak from Woden Bus Station” follows The Spin up the hill.

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Isaac Ridge peak from Woden Bus Station

Take the bus to Woden. Ride to the peak of Isaac Ridge ride and back. First a gentle climb along a good bike path to the southern end of the ridge before doubling back for the second half of the climb and the ascent to the ridge along The Spine singletrack. The ridge is then mostly flat until just before the peak.

Descend from the peak to the bike path and back to the bus. The descent is steep but is a good road. If you do not like steep, turn around at the peak and ride back to the bus station the way you came up.

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Long Gully Pine Plantation, Isaacs Ridge

Ride a good bike path, flat and fast gravel, climb a hill or singletrack, and combine it as you wish. There are advanced downhill routes, too, but that is for another day. These rides centre around the Long Gully Pine Plantation at Isaacs Ridge.

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