Canberra Centenary Trail with the bus

The Canberra Centenary Trail is 140km long. Most people will not ride it in one go. One trick is to break it up into multiple stages and to do a different section on different days. The question now is how to get to the track head and home again at the end of the ride. suggests taking the bike on a Canberra Rapid Bus. The terminus stations are a base camp for the rides.

urban planning

Dickson to Gungahlin bike path

Dickson to Gungahlin bike path parallel to Flemington Rd

The light rail, that represents a great step forward for public transport and city modernisation, was a step backward for the Flemington Rd bike path. It was removed and never replaced so there now a missing link past Mitchell. That the ACT Government is interested in fixing the problem and considering a new Flemington Rd bike path is good news. As with the Federal Highway there is no room for a bike path alongside the road but plenty of back streets that run parallel, away from the cars. This would be the safe and better approach. In this paper I propose one possible route that follows the Federal Highway, EPIC and Well Station Track to reach Gungahlin. A few maps are included below to illustrate the route.