Heysen Street to Woden Town Centre

The Heysen Street Link bike path will be extended to Woden Town Centre. After years of delays, many projects shrink, but Heysen Street Link has grown to something more. A happy end.

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Where we cycle to from home

The destinations we cycle to, not surprisingly, depends on where we live. The 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey breaks down the trips depending on the “region” of origin (district). The most likely destination is always the same district (locally). Beyond that, the charts below tell the story.

The 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey has been introduced and key facts discussed elsewhere on canberra.bike.

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Introduction: 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey

The 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey shows that the daily commute is typically one of the longest journeys we make in our daily lives. Schools, shops, doctors and sport are usually in the local area, and then the distance travel is almost always shorter. The 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey gives some insight into where Canberrans work, live and play and how this impacts on their daily lives.

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Weston Creek Community Council Election Forum 2020

Weston Creek Community Council Election Forum 2020 was this week and can be watched on The RiotACT Facebook page. The Murrumbidgee is a key electorate in the 2020 ACT Legislative Assembly election. The Molonglo Valley was not a major focus.

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Black Mountain Peninsula opened again

The resurfacing of the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path is now completed and reopened.

A massive gap opened up in the Canberra cycling network as the Black Mountain Peninsula bike path closed for resurfacing in September 2020.

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Weston Creek Community Council: election priorities

Weston Creek includes the Molonglo Valley – the Murrumbidgee electorate. The Weston Creek Community Council has now published priorities for the Murrumbidgee candidates. Cycling infrastructure is one of them.

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Fast Track: a fast, not a feast

Today’s check of the Fast Track website showed that no new strategic bike path projects have been added between 8-27 August 2020. At the current rate, it will take 166 years to double the length of off-road paths suitable for cycling in the ACT.

Wayfinding signage for the CBR Cycle Routes C3, C7 and C9 was added, however. Signage makes a difference.

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Slow down: a sign of the times

You may have seen them around Canberra. Slower Streets is being rolled out in Ainslie, Aranda, Braddon, Crace, Downer, Farrer, Garran, O’Connor, Watson, Weston and Yarralumla as part of the COVID-19 response. This has to be good for cycling. What is Slow Streets about?

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The Fast Track story

Fast Track is an initiative of the ACT Government to counter the economic fallout of COVID-19. The initiative is applauded. Sadly though, benefits for cyclists have been limited. At the current rate, it will take 166 years to double the length of off-road paths suitable for cycling.

This is unfortunate as the Canberra cycle network is long overdue for maintenance, expansion, and closing gaps. Canberra is growing faster than the cycle network. Over the last decade, many community groups have lobbied to get this fixed.

Canberra.bike has been tracking Fast Track. Here is a list of our most recent updates.

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