Letter to Yvette Berry on active travel

Letter to Yvette Berry, Minister for Housing and Suburban Development: the new Whitlam estate development falls short on active travel.

When strategies collide: climate change, active travel and environment

Urban planning is failing us in the Molonglo Valley. Without coordination between the arms of government to set consistent priorities, active travel will not succeed.

Whitlam: Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

How far can you ride from Whitlam from the time of the first land release in March 2020? Belconnen is a 20 minute ride. The city is about 30 minutes away, but Coombs is also 30 minutes distant. It is a hard place to get out of, with no off-road bike paths beyond the firstContinue reading “Whitlam: Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?”

Schools in the ACT around Whitlam

I considered in another post the proximity of the new suburb of Whitlam to school and other infrastructure. Whitlam appear to be lost at the end of the Molonglo valley. Schools are particularly important as the children living in Whitlam have to go to school somewhere. I have discovered a full list of schools inContinue reading “Schools in the ACT around Whitlam”