John Gorton Drive Bridge 2021 update

The planning for the John Gorton Drive Bridge has come out of the shadows – The funding promised at the ACT Election has been announced and the development application documents have been released. The construction costs will be about $177 million (June 2020 estimate).

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More roads and not much else

It is hard to imagine how much money we spend on roads. Here is a comparison of the investment in road improvement (duplications and widening) with other forms of transport. As cyclists, we are interested in bike paths but the light rail is included, too.

Approximately $1 billion has been committed to road duplications and widening in and around Canberra. $336 million for light rail but only $18 million to bicycle infrastructure. The EU would recommend $330 million for bicycle infrastructure in the ACT, based on their recommendation to invest 20% of the transport budget in bike infrastructure. In this week’s $4.9 billion announcement, Andrew Barr unfortunately did not even mention cycling. In other Australian cities, the sums spent on roads is even bigger: “The Australian and NSW Governments are investing $4.1 billion” in the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

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On-road cycle lanes

Riding on a busy road is not for most people but some would not be without it. On-road cycle lanes are relatively cheap to build as they are a continuation of the road surface. The intent has been to add cycle lanes when the road is resurfaced. On-road cycle lanes are not separated from the road and motor vehicles often find their way onto them. This is not legal but few think twice about it.

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William Hovell Drive duplication: The RiotACT

Duplications are a common occurrence in Canberra. Now William Hovell Drive has its turn. This is a “shared story” from The Riot ACT

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The Pinnacle: always worth a visit

The Pinnacle Nature Reserve is part of Canberra Nature Park and ever-popular with locals. The lower section of The Pinnacle is an offset area and something new. Offset areas spring up where there are urban developments.

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Kama: bikes not wanted

“No bike” signs have been put up on the northern entrances to Kama. This surprised me. There is no mention of policy change on the ACT Environment website or in the Molonglo River Reserve Plan. No explanation apart from these small signs.

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