FOI 21-101215 EPSDD Molonglo Stage 2

The Molonglo Stage 2 Transport Planning related information is from freedom of information request (FOI 21-101215), released 1 April 2021, from EPSDD. Highlighted here are a mix of 18 documents dated from 2010 to 2019 for the suburbs Coombs, Wright, Molonglo and Denman Prospect. The documents fall mostly in the category estate development plans, planning design frameworks, or a development application.

Coombs and Wright tender RFT SL2106244

Coombs and Wright tender RFT SL2106244 (24 June 2021) for the development of the blocks on the intersections of Steve Irwin Avenue, Fred Daly Avenue, and John Gorton Drive. As announced the tender is a two stage process but it was not clear to me how long this process was going to take. Construction could start in 2022. A three-year construction period does not seem unreasonable.

Estate Development Code

This is the first of a series of articles on ACT building codes. The character and liveability of our city is a product of these codes. Here is a brief introduction to Estate Development Code and why it needs to be revised.

Molonglo Valley: getting it right first time round

The Molonglo Valley is currently under construction and the cycling infrastructure is poor. If we wait until a suburb is finished then the problem will be with us for decades. This is what is happening now in the Molonglo Valley estate development.

John Gorton Drive Bridge 2020 update

This bridge over the Molonglo River will be completed by 2025 as the last section of the John Gorton Drive. Information about this bridge is found here. The Butters Bridge was finished close-by in 2016 but is currently closed.

ACT playgrounds: WeekendNotes

Playgrounds are of great interest for many. They are certainly a great ride destination with children. Between 2015-2018 many of the playgrounds where reviewed on Weekend Notes. There a links to playground reviews below.

Need to go: stuck at playgrounds without toilets

Parenting is looking after your children’s needs. Public toilets are essential infrastructure for families. Taking your children to a public place means you will need a public toilet. Ride with kids and there is no quick way home. Without a toilet, a visit to the playground will end as soon as your child needs to go.

What is wrong with Molonglo 3 East

A case study for Molonglo 3 East Planning and Infrastructure Study Project Brief and urban planning of new estates in the ACT. The failure to systematically integrate active travel principles in the planning process will most likely result in the missed potential to develop active travel facilities in the Whitlam and other new estate developments in Canberra.

Bridge profile: John Gorton Drive Bridge

The John Gorton Drive Bridge over the Molonglo River will be the last section of the John Gorton Drive to be completed in 2025. The information for this bridge profile is from the environmental approval. At the time, in 2019, little information was available. Two sources provide some insight.