Have YourSay on cycling: Light Rail Stage 2

Light Rail Stage 2 is coming and open now for the third round of community consultation. Gungahlin light rail taught us that bike paths are forgotten or even destroyed in the light rail construction. The light rail is an opportunity to improve Canberra’s cycling infrastructure.

The ACT Government website shows imagines of the light rail route on the Virtual Light Rail Tour. Cycling infrastructure is noticeably lacking on these images. Although it is an artist’s impression, leaving out the bike paths may mean that none are planned.

Go to the ACT Government YourSay website and suggest they build a bike path.

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National Capital Authority: protector of the sacrosanct

It is one of the quirks of Canberra that while we have a territory government, the ACT Government is not responsible for all the ACT. Canberra is more like Rome and in the centre is Vatican City. Here we call it the Parliamentary Triangle, and it is ruled by the National Capital Authority (NCA). The domain of the National Capital Authority is bigger than one would think as it includes everything 200 m around the edges of the Parliamentary Triangle and Lake Burley Griffin itself. The National Capital Authority is the protector of the sacrosanct.

West Basin, Lake Burley Griffin source: OpenStreetMap, ACT, Australia
West Basin, Lake Burley Griffin source: OpenStreetMap
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