Brent Toderian on urban planning

Brent Toderian VIDEO, CURF Seminar – Place based development, CURF University of Canberra, 39:02 / 1:02:17, 04/06/2017

More roads begets more congestion

Jevons Paradox explained from Utopia series (Australian), YouTube, accessed 4 April 2022.

Downs-Thomson Paradox

Do Your Buses Get Stuck in Traffic? Traffic solutions & the Downs-Thomson Paradox, YouTube, accessed 4 April 2022.

Dr Marisa Paterson MLA – a non-cyclist – reported on her first experiences commuting to work from Weston on an e-bike. “I could not have imagined that I could ride 15 km.” “It has opened up a world that was inaccessible for me.” ACT Legislative Assembly, 6 April 2022.

Findings from the Whitlam Local Shops and School consultation

Whitlam Local Centre – Report Back. The concluding Whitlam Local Shops and School consultation. A 14 minute video summary of the webinar.

Oulu shows how bike path maintenance is done

We think that we in Canberra have difficulties with bike path maintenance. Oulu, Finland, shows us that we are not really trying. With some days less than 4 hours short and temperatures down to -37 C, cycling is common, despite the snow. Good path maintenance is important!

Paris is going green

Paris goes green. Short version of Tomorrows Build video.

Electric cars have lower emissions than fossil-fuelled cars

Do electric vehicles create fewer emissions over the whole of the life cycle from the cradle to the grave? Yes. An Australian Study by Robin Smith, Director Transport Energy Emissions Research, Brisbane.

So you think you can drive?

The title refers to the many studies that show we have a very high opinion of ourselves as drivers. Over 50% of drivers regard themselves as better than average – a statistical impossibility. Here is a demonstration. A group of normal people were asked to drive at constant speed and distance in a circle – a perfect road without lights and intersections. Just look what happens!

Lyneham O’Connor Path Survey

The reason children do not walk and ride to school is that the cars scare them away. Primary school children do not have the cognitive ability to judge the speed and distance of cars. The selfishness of drivers and disregard for other children’s safety makes this problem far worse. What can be done?

Lyneham Primary School e-Petition

“Brigalow Street is a busy route for Lyneham Primary students walking or cycling to and from school. It is a part of the Transport Canberra and City Services’ (TCCS) Active Streets for Schools Program. There is an unsafe pedestrian crossing at 136 Brigalow Street (Brindabella College) that impedes active travel and puts vulnerable road users at risk. Cars cross over the footpath at a makeshift pedestrian crossing when the footpath is busy with students and families from both schools. Cars often fail to yield and block the footpath.”

CBR C3 Belconnen to Braddon

CBR C3 Belconnen to Braddon,, 13 March 2022.

After weeks of wild weather, we went out to see how the paths and the City Renewal were doing.

A lot was going on this weekend on the CBR Cycle Route C3 between Belconnen and Civic. It is noticeable that most of the cyclist are men and boys. When you see kids with a parent, it is always the father. This is a small sample the but we have seen this many times previously. has previously raised the need to fund research to gain a better understanding why women and teenage girls do not cycle. We know that in other high cycling countries, women are the majority of cyclists.

The paths have not changed much and Civic feels as car-centric as ever, but it was nice to wave and smile at other active travellers!

Cycling in Germany and the city of Freiburg

Includes content from Cycling for Sustainable Cities, Austroads webinar, 19 October 2021.

Germany has seen a cycling boom in the last 20 years with the recognition that, after walking, bikes are the most sustainable form of transport. The cities are becoming increasingly people friendly and more people choose cycling, walking and public transport instead of driving.

Women and bikes

Cycling for Sustainable Cities, Austroads webinar, 19 October 2021.

Australia is a low cycling country, which means that most have never experienced a city where cycling is popular. Fewer women than men cycle in Canberra, which misleads us to think it is the norm, but the opposite is true in high cycling countries. Many of the reasons given why women do not cycle do not stand up to closer inspection if we look beyond our own city – and particularly to other countries.

Traffic calming

Cycling for Sustainable Cities, Austroads webinar, 19 October 2021.

We can make our city safer and better. Speed kills and not just motorist. Slowing cars down and give the public space back to people is traffic calming. Children are likely to benefit the most. Traffic calming – Cycling for Sustainable Cities.

The rise of the car cult

Cycling for Sustainable Cities, Austroads webinar, 19 October 2021.

The postwar period saw the surge of the car cult. Many cities have now shown a complete turnaround. With the resurgence of modes of transport that were alienated for decades. Here are a few examples from the Austroads webinar Cycling for Sustainable Cities.

New bike paths at Tuggeranong Town Centre

A number of cycle infrastructure improvements are now complete in Greenway, the Tuggeranong town centre. has surveyed the works in this video.

Detached housing, greenfields, Western Edge and the New Planning Bill Exposure

Detached housing remains a hot topic. 70% infill /30% greenfield is here to stay for the foreseeable future. ACT Planning will be releasing the NEW Planing Bill for consultation (Exposure). Mr Gentleman, Annual Reports 2020-21, PTCS Committee Hearing ACT Legislative Assembly 2022-02-24.

Minister Berry on detached housing and the SLA

The future of homes is not detached housing and greenfield developments. Minister Berry, Annual Reports 2020-21, PTCS Committee Hearing ACT Legislative Assembly 2022-03-04.

Active Travel in the ACT Legislative Assembly

Inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2020-2021, Act Legislative Assembly Planning, Transport, and City Services Committee Hearing, 2022-03-04

Seeking bounty hunters

There are some crazy cyclists out there that need to be brought in. Go out and get them buckaroos!

New ways of urban living responds to the request for ideas for the future Whitlam Local Centre, which consists of a school and primary school on opposite sides of the road.

Move over to reclaim space for people

We must throw away the old wives’ tale that a free choice must be given everywhere to everybody between using length (space) wasting private transportation and land savings public transit in highly developed urban areas.

Victor Gruen, Urban Planner, 1964

Digging a hole: bike paths and green field estates

Out in those hills, Strathnairn is under construction. Construction of the adjacent suburb of Macnamara is starting soon. We had not surveyed the paths of Strathnairn for about 3 years, so it was time for a visit. These are the newest and best inner suburb cycling paths in West Belconnen.

The road reserve will be returned to TCCS as gifted assets. The handover may have happened already. Unfortunately, the bike paths along Pro Hart Avenue are already damaged due to wet weather and construction activities.

Building houses requires trucks and vehicles but driving them across the verge causes great damage to both paths and plants. All these houses along Pro Hart Avenue have a rear entrance. One would hope the damage would be repaired by the builders, but that does not seem to be the case.

The path design itself is responsible for the water damage seen in the path – only 3 years after construction. Good path designs include drainage, as is done with roads. Water causes asphalt to crack. Once the cracking starts the path quickly deteriorates. Eventually, the asphalt breaks into little pieces – as seen in one section.

The logical conclusion here is that the standards for path construction in new estates is inadequate. Drainage features must be included in the path design. Further, the verge must be fenced off during housing construction to force builders to use driveway and lane entrances. What is done by the estate developer is undone by the builders, and TCCS is left with the mess.  Our hearts bleed!

Road reserve – Land comprising the road and verge. And also referred to as the road or street corridor in this (Active Travel Facilities Design) Standard.

Active Travel Facilities Design – Municipal Infrastructure Standards 05 (MIS05) (ACT Government, April 2019)

Melba and Evatt on shared paths

Melba and Evatt are two West Belconnen suburbs on either side of Copland Drive on the south slopes of Mount Rogers. Evatt was gazetted on 2 November 1972. After 40 years, the paths are showing their age, and it is time for their replacement to a modern standard.

As you can see – and most likely feel – the shared paths are necessary for a leisurely and relaxed ride around the suburb. However, they are not sufficient for a safe, direct and fast commute to work and back.

Belconnen – west through Page

Riding from the top of Belconnen Town Centre to Florey through Page on segregated shared paths. Crossing the wide arterials of Coulter Drive and Southern Cross Drive is generally not easy. We avoided the busy road by riding through underpasses instead. Underpasses are common in Belconnen, but rare in newer suburbs.

Most people are only familiar with major roads and have little knowledge of Canberra`s shared path network. Lack of signage means that one can feel a little lost at times. However, the back route has its advantages. Riding through Page, we can avoid the fast and aggressive drivers – who make cycling unsafe.

The top and bottom of Belconnen Town Centre are on different levels. This divide makes moving between the two difficult. Crossing Belconnen Town Centre is unsafe. It is almost always better to ride around the town centre if that is possible. The lack of cycle infrastructure in Belconnen Town Centre remains a barrier and hardly anyone rides to the shops.